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Maddie & Mose

Savannah’s Magic Melody  “Maddie”
November 22, 1988 - January 16, 2002

It has now been a year. Although the holidays have been good, they have been clouded by your loss.

Your corner by me, as I write, is still vacant. I look for you there, still, without thinking of you being gone. I miss you. I miss your friendship, your beauty, your quiet ways. May our time apart seem shortened when we are re-joined in eternity. I love you….

Las Rocosa Mosaic of Savannah  “Mose”
October 2, 1987 - July, 2001

Now a year and a half has passed… the two Christmases…your stocking still here as is your presence at the front door….ever-guarding. You always made everyone feel safe, even in your old age. Thank-you for your friendship, your love, your need to protect those you loved. Your mind so good, your body failing caused you to leave before you were ready. Please guard and protect those from our home before you and those that may come. Until we meet again.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Lucinda Howard


Maggie May ~ 6/4/88-5/2/03
Maggi May was a dog who taught me a whole lot. And kept quite a few horses in line as well. Maggi was a true worker, a true herding dog. She went to work with me everyday. If she heard thundering hoofbeats she knew she had to herd the horse back to the barn. Sometimes if she was bored she would chase the baby horses around because she knew the mares would get upset and start to run too. Maggi showed me how to care for others and how to be a good dog owner. She put the love in loyal, and the heart into friendship. She was loved by so many people and dogs. She even showed me that she too and love another animal the day she brought home a baby kitten. Maggi May was a very smart dog, she always worked hard whether it was making me happy or keeping the horses in line.

As the years went on I saw Maggi was slowing down but still found things to do. When I brought home another Aussie puppy she knew she had a job to do and that was showing him how things worked. She showed him how to be a good dog and how to even beg just the right way.

When Maggi could no longer function the way she liked, she was devastated. I know she did not want me to see her this way. Maggi, you were the best and you will be forever in my heart. Thank you for everything, you truly were a faithful companion and a life long friend.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Krista King. 



martini-sm.jpg   Sometimes something so wonderful and totally life changing comes into your life and you don't realize what is happening. That is what happened when Martini came into our lives in November of 1990. She was God's gift to me to get well. I had been very ill before Tini came into my life. She was just what I needed-- the dog who never stopped playing frisbee. She was a handful. But what a girl she was! She competed in frisbee for 10 years. She was retired last fall at the age of 12.

Martini closed her eyes to sleep for the last time on June 1, 2002. She was 13. Good night, Sweet Girl. Your footprints will dance on our hearts forever.
Owned, loved and sadly missed by Gayle & family

Please go to Tini's page to read about her battle with a little known tick-borne disease, ehrlichia. perhaps reading her story will help save the life of another dog!


Mary Lavey Morris



my first baby
my amber-eyed terror
my eager companion
my shared asset
my comfort, my healer
my dignified lady
my best girl

   Sadly missed by Sarah Morris, Oregon


matilda-sm.jpg (11622 bytes)   Matilda was the baby of the group and loved to smile just about every day. She was full of life and always pestering the other two doggies. However, she enjoyed life and gave me great love and was always there when I needed a hug. We often called her the mouse because she was always under your feet and sneaking around to make you laugh.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Linda and Charlie De Long Chino Hills, CA


Mayberry ~ Nightwatch's Mayberry
In loving memory of Mayberry...

you picked me...I went looking for a black tri male puppy and came home with a year old blue merle bitch...that day at the breeders, she let you out, and with her, her family, and a few others standing there you ran directly to me, and decided I was yours...and from that day on you never left my side. Through the hardest times in my life you were there, my fearless protector, my constant shadow. And when Emma came, to you she was just another piece of me, and you were the same to her. You were not just a pretty face, although you showed beautifully, at the end of the day you would lie next to my bed, or under Emma's crib, not caring about ribbons or points, only the people you loved. You were my canine soulmate, and the hole you left in my heart is as fresh and painful now as that February day when you left without saying goodbye. Some days are better than others, but it is ever constant.

When you left Parker sat outside and stared...he didn't understand where you were, he didn't want to be alone, crying when he was outside. Josephine kept smelling your bed, laying in it, but it didn't seem to feel right to her. Emma kept asking why her "Bebe" went to Heaven. I stayed in bed for 3 days. It was Poppa who took you and wrapped you in your blanket, and laid you in the frozen ground with your favorite toy. He scrubbed that one tiny spot of blood off the road so I would never again have to see it.

I resented the neighbors dog who you had chased out there, you were only protecting your family. I wished horrible things on the person who hit you and drove away, leaving you in the snow, denying you the chance to be saved. I wondered why you had never gone into the road before, so why this day? I cursed God for taking you. I had nightmares, thinking I heard you barking, and awoke to realize it was only coyotes.

I have yet to get another Aussie. But finally, after a few years I rescued a mix breed scrap of a dog, barely 5 pounds. When I brought her home she was only 5 weeks and I whispered into her soft little puppy ears, "you're damn lucky you have Maibes as your guardian Angel, as she left some pretty big shoes to fill!" I must say, you are teaching her well, now almost a year old, she loves her Mama with every inch of her being, tries to protect me as best she can, and has made me love a dog again.

We love you and miss you everyday...Mom, Emma, Nona, Poppa, Josephine, and Parker



Merle ~ 3/14/95 - 7/4/01
merle.jpg Your heart was as beautiful as you were. You were always looking out for me, and I couldn't wait to see you waiting on the porch for me at the end of a work day. As noble as you were, you were always the first to flop on your back for a good belly rub. You are truly missed by everyone who ever met you. You're with your Dad and Copper now, and I can't wait to see all of you again someday.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Chris


We lost our Merlin to hemangiosarcoma January 16.  He was a adopted from the Stanislaus pound when he was 7 to 9 months old in April of 1996.  Merlin was very very much an alpha Aussie...his herding style was like that of a lion trainer...he let the sheep KNOW who's boss right from the get go!

He was a phenomenal friend, pet and was beloved by all who knew him.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Ben Westheimer



Mick 01/19/96 - 06/04/99


  Mick was a beautiful but very troubled dog. He was the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde. I know that he loved me dearly, and he must have led a very confusing life, lost at times in a blind rage that he could not control. He was there for me when I was alone; traveled across the country with me; and taught me a lot about how dogs could be--bad and good. I have new Aussies now, and they are happy dogs with no temperament problems. But they are not Mick. He was one-of-a-kind, and I hope that he is relieved of his pain as he waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Suzanne Day


Midget ~ 6 Mar 2001 - 10 Jun 2002
Midget, as he was affectionately known, was a once in a lifetime friend. If you'd ever met him you know how he could jump into your heart and steal it away. He weighed less than 8 oz when he was born. I arrived home from work one day to find little a puppy, no bigger than a field mouse, pushed away from the others. He was very cold and lethargic. That was the day he jumped into my heart and buried himself deep.

Despite having a tremendous will to live and be happy, life started getting tough on him in May of 2002. One back leg paralyzed and he was in extreme pain. What was I to do? Midget died quietly in my arms at the age of 15 months.

Midget, I'm sorry life had to end this way. You tried so hard never to let me see your pain. As you sat by my chair trying to sleep, the pain not allowing you to lie down, I could see your pain. When you saw me watching you, that wonderful smile came across your face as if to say, "I'm ok mom, I really am". You were a trooper. A one of a kind. I love you with all my heart. It's broken now and I'm not sure it will ever mend. I still wonder if I've done the right thing by easing your pain. You worked so hard to overcome what life gave you. You never gave up, and some times I feel that by forever easing your pain I gave up on you. Please understand that I didn't want you to live in the kind of pain you were in any more. You couldn't lower your head to eat or drink. And it hurt to lie down and sleep. Dicer made a wonderful pillow for you during these times. Now the pain is gone and you are free to play and jump and run without the pain. Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace.

Please go to Midget's page to read about his life long battle with spinal deformities.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Georgena Graham 



Mikey 1991 - 12/26/00


  I lost my Aussie, Mikey today ! He was 9 years old and a real joy in my life, he came to me when I lost my father and he helped ease the pain, he was my Friend and he loved me. He always slept under my bedroom window, as he did not like being inside, he came thru alot of sad times in my life when I would hug him and talk to him as if he knew exactly what I was saying, the most intelligent dog I ever knew. I will grieve for you Mikey, and I will know I did the right thing by not letting you suffer any longer with Kidney failure. Saying goodbye to you today broke my heart.... The Doggie Angels have you now and you will be in my heart for the rest of my life. I love you and miss you so much.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Marcia & John, and Molly and Maggie your Dog Friends


Minnie was only 5 weeks old when we lost her. We miss her so much!

We are raising her brother Manson and still think of her every day! We love you Minnie!!

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Deborah McLeman


"Mollywogs" aka LasRocosa GudGolyMissMolly STDcds
February 3, 1998 - November 23, 2009

What do'ya mean, stay?
Do I look like I'm moving?


I lost a piece of my heart today

I woke up to find you were gone.

I lost a piece of my heart today,

Seems like you couldn't stay here for long.


Eleven years and nine short months,

You brightened all of my days.

Gave me loving & laughter & beautiful pups,

The whole ranch was under your gaze.


I lost a piece of my heart today,

My beautiful Molly is gone.


Miss Molly, you were a wonderful girl, always ready to make us all laugh with your antics.  You loved to work livestock but far preferred putting on a show for anyone who was watching and might clap or cheer.  And never once did you ever fail to make me laugh when I was sad, your heart just seemed to know what was going on in my head.

Rest easy sweet Mollywogs, I miss your spinny little body greeting me every time we met.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Jeni & Foss Gallichan - Mikatura


Good Golly Miss Molly


In loving memory of "Good Golly Miss Molly", born May 26th 2002, killed in a car accident on December 31st 2002.

Although Molly's life was short, our soulful brown-eyed Aussie brought us much love and enjoyment.  She left such an empty space in our home that we have a new puppy, an Australian Shepherd of course, named "Annie Oakley".

Happy Trails Little Buddy


Our precious Molly left us on June 8, 2001. We miss her more than words can say. She was a little dog with a huge & amazing heart. She would've done anything for us, anything. Whenever we went away and had to leave her, the best part about coming home was getting out of the truck and having her come to greet us. She'd bounce, wiggle, jump and would let out her funny squeals of joy! It warmed my heart everytime. Molly lived to work for us. Even if she wasn't actually helping, just her thinking that she was and seeing the proud look on her face was wonderful enough for me. She would ride in the tractor for hours. She loved it, just because it meant spending time with her Dad! When we drove our draft horses she would just go crazy with excitement. This was her favorite thing to do. The sound of the harness and the horses feet would make her wild! Molly loved riding up on the wagon. I think she actually thought she was the driver! I sometimes think Molly knew horses better than most horsemen! She was quite a dog! What I loved most about Molly was her sincerity. She loved us more than any person would ever love us. She couldn't say it in words, but she let us know everyday! Molly, we miss you & love you always. From Mom & Dad.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Kelly & Lyle Farquhar



Molly - Oakshores Miss Molly CD - 01/07/83 - 06/15/99


  My Molly, I loved you from the second I saw you. You will always be my "Special Girl". I miss you so much every day. I love you Molly-Moo.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Vicki & Jim Dickey.


Mullen - Nicket's Mullen Kintyre 9/2/96 - 1/9/97
Mullen was a little darling. She immediately won all our hearts including old Joey who didn't have much use for "youngsters" if they were dogs. You were only with us for a little while but we loved you easy sweet baby.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Jeni & Foss Gallichan - Mikatura



Mysti - May 7, 2000 ~ March 2003


I have to thank Debern Kennels for Mysti. She was with our loving family for 2 years and 10 months. In that time she spent a lot of time at the vets with Dr Leanne and Dr Andrew, Nancy and Mindy where she kept up her normal routine as entertainer and clown. One of Mysti’s special sleeping places was the kitchen table...It was a no no, but when told to get down she would turn and give the family person a big Aussie Hug. Hugs were great for getting her out of trouble, nobody could resist her. She also spent a lot of time sitting at the table on a chair just looking around. Mysti had a sheltie friend the same age, Canadian and International Champion Debern's A Song for Luba who was always close by. She was too short to reach the heights that Mysti could but they were a team and helped each other into mischief. Mom Vi had mouse traps in all excavations in the back yard but Luba was great at setting them off then they could dig. Mysti had three very favourite toys; a very large yellow tennis ball (her second favourite), a stuffed Canada Goose (her most favourite)  that she took with her on her walk over the rainbow bridge, and a puddle where she loved to splash and play in the summer. And best of all she could get away with stuff by looking sad and giving us her special hugs and all was forgiven. We miss Mysti and all Aussies and a new aussie boy named Dyg'r will come in August to help look after Mysti’s family for her and keep the household "Aussified".  Her life was short due to lots of medical problems unknown to Aussies she was with us long enough to get our family well trained.

She had been very sick and was called "The Mystery Dog" by vets all over North America. Her medical problems were basically unknown in Aussies. It all started with copper toxicosis, unknown in Aussies. The vets all said it was nothing to do with the breed or breeder, just an unfortunate luck of the draw. She was a happy dog even sick as she was and always loved to stand up and give hugs. 

Sadly missed by Vi and family.



It seems so long ago when I first met you, but looking back on all the time we had together (12 years) it feels like yesterday. You were flying around and over the hay bale fence with your Mother and sister as I drove into the farmers yard. I never had a choice which dog to pick, your sister was going to stay on the farm to learn from your mother and you were the last puppy. What I did not know then was how lucky I was to get you my friend. We bonded the first day and that bond of Love and trust grew stronger over the years, so strong was your trust in me I never really had to teach you. You always seemed to know what I wanted or needed you to do. 

I'll close this now and ask for your understanding about the last ride we had together I am only human and did what I though was best for you. I have your ashes on my desk but know your spirit is free to run on the wind forever now and some day I'll see you again.

P.S. Nika, forgive me for someday I will want another dog like you ever though it will never take your place in my heart.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by the Eric & the entire Kirkwood family

Click here to see more photos of Nika and to read the full text of Eric's beautiful tribute to her



CH Sugarbushs Lasting Impression, Nikki
8/23/91- 5/9/03

  Today I lost a friend, Nikki. It has been a hard battle these last few years but we have treasured each day we have had with her.

Nikki was special from the start. She was one of a kind dog, a heart dog. From carrying socks around to just being with you when you needed her. She was the leader in the house for years and Nikki was my first Champion to finish!

Thank you Nikki for the time we did get to spend with you. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the wonderful children.... We treasure you and you will always be a part of my heart.......

We love you,
Heidi and your babies
Western Hills Dream Catcher II, CD, OA, OAJ, RS-O, OAC, GS-O, OGC,
A-Ch/Gr. Ch Western Hills Marshall Dillon, HIC, Major pointed AKC (Dillon),
Western Hills in Motion NA, NAJ, RS-N, NAC, GS-N, NGC (Fly),
ASCA Ch. Western Hills Ruckus Rodeo, DNA-VP, pointed AKC (Ruckus).
Western Hills Miss Kitty, Calico

Owned, loved and sadly missed by the Mobley family, Western Hills Aussies

To read Heidi's full tribute to Nikki, please click here.


Nisa was a beautiful girl, owned and loved by a family with two small children. Please click here to read the story of how Nisa was accidently shot by a man who mistook her for a wolf.  Nisa is now watching her "kids" with their new Aussie pup and probably smiling to see them smiling easy sweet girl.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Ralph, Andrew & Elizabeth Kapteyn


Odie - Mark's Odie ASCA/AKC CD, CGC 12/90 - 07-97
odie.gif   Odie was only with me for 4 years and it was she who kindled the love for the breed in my heart. All that I do for rescue, I do for her. Odie was a very dark red bi, very intense, and I loved her passionately. In loving memory of Marks' Odie…

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Kay Marks. Please click here to see a tribute to Odie's memory.


Okie - Kuypers Okie Chevron

Okie was a one of a kind. He owned my pickup but I was allowed to drive it to take him places! He smiled and talked all the time, if I ignored him... he would paw me or poke me with his nose and start wooo-woooing in a low tone... If I had trouble loading a horse in the trailer or a cow into the vet chute... he was right there waiting for me to give the load command. At times I had horses refuse to back out of a trailer... on command he would race up the opposite side of the trailer and into the feed bunk of the offending horse and bark and threaten to nip the horses nose and make it back out of the trailer....

I have had Aussies for the last 20 years but I had Okie for the longest, did the most with him and  he was a faithful, protector, partner and friend. I had often told people that he wasn’t the only friend I had but he was the bestest!

Hopefully, with a new Aussie friend, I won’t miss my old one so bad... but he will not be forgotten

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Scott n Sheila Kuyper

Please click here to read more about Okie 



Ole - Slydrock's Eric the Red

Ole was "ours" for 3-1/2 years. Ole, we will always miss you, especially Lena.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Janet Kitchens & family.


Oscar - April 1983 - December 1998
Oscar was my dog, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. He would stick by me like glue and protect me with his life. He would fetch anything and knew all the toys by name (Frisbee, stick, ball, ..etc.). I even taught him to bring in the newspaper. There will never be another dog like him. He is missed more than he will ever know.

Owned, loved and sadly missed by Rebecca Whitelock.


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